About Us


In an effort to harmonize the co-existence of local people and wildlife, Relief Fund for Wildlife Victims (RFWV) was established in 2002 as the non -government organisation. RFWV is a fund established to assist communities affected by wildlife. RFWV recognizes that wildlife and wildlife victims are equal ly important, and believe that the conservation activities which take care of people also benefits to wildlife. It works closely with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC), Park offices and other national and international conservation agencies, private sectors etc to help wildlife victims and/or their families whose lives and properties have been tragically affected by wild animals.



RFWV is designed to rescue and rehabilitate the victims injured by wild animals by fostering, supporting and strengthening community partnership. RFWV tries to devise various measures, which would help relief, reduce and resolve the conflict between human and wild animals. We work towards this goal through our relief measures provided to individual victims, undertake public awareness campaigns, and support for various preventive and curative programmes. We also stress on conducting action-oriented research and establishment of comprehensive database on human –wildlife issues.  We work with people - our supporters and our partners in Nepal and abroad - to craft and deliver creative solutions for long-term well-being of people who have been taking the burden of conservation or paying the cost of conservation.